WHEEL News: Ventura County Sustainability & Safety – Nov 22

Ventura County Sheriff Jim Fryhoff on Safety & Sustainability

Ventura County Sheriff Jim Fryhoff graced us this month, sharing the challenges and successes of local law enforcement. He highlighted efforts in sustainability, safety, homeless services, combating retail theft rings from LA County, and preparing for new challenges from state legislature, underlining why Ventura County is recognized as the “Safest Big County in California!”

  • To support our Sheriff’s Department, check out the Ventura County Sheriff’s Foundation at vcsf.org.

Committee Reports

Water: Ventura County Water Updates

  • Missed the United Water Summit for Water Sustainability on October 26? Learn about Ventura County’s water sustainability projects by watching the replay here.
  • SB389, which empowers the State Water Board to investigate and enforce water rights disputes, has been signed into law.

Housing: Ventura County Housing Updates

  • Ventura County has the largest housing shortage in the nation.
  • The HJTA lawsuit over LA’s “Mansion Tax” was dismissed by the LA Superior Court.
  • Ventura City is hosting a public workshop on rent control. Details here.
  • State law now allows homeowners to sell their ADUs.

Energy: Ventura County Energy Updates

Environment: Ventura County Environment Updates

Land Use: Ventura County Land Use Updates

  • Heritage Valley agriculture is under quarantine due to HLB found in residential trees.
  • A second quarantine, for the Queensland Fruit Fly, is in effect in the Thousand Oaks area. Residents are advised against moving fruits and vegetables out of the quarantine zone to protect local agriculture.
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