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Circle The Wagons: An Educational Series

Ready to go deep on policies and regulations? Our educational seminars are just the ticket. Enhance your knowledge and join the conversation on economic and regulatory topics that matter.

Last Circle the Wagons Educational Series

Murray McEachron and John Lindquist dove into the significant strides and ongoing challenges in water conservation, including ground-water recharge and the implications of regulatory hurdles on our water supply sustainability. Whether you're a CoLAB member or not, Circle the Wagons is your chance to engage with experts over lunch, gain insights into water management strategies, and explore solutions for a resilient future. Not a CoLAB member yet but want to check it out? Contact info@colabvc.org today!

Guest Speakers

Murray McEachron, United’s Supervising Hydrologist, has dedicated his career to water conservation and habitat protection. John Lindquist, Water Resources Supervisor, brings expertise in groundwater sustainability and water-supply projects. Together, they offer deep insights into overcoming our water challenges.

What is the Circle the Wagons Educational Series?

Circle the Wagons events, hosted by the Ventura County Coalition of Labor, Agriculture, and Business (VC CoLAB), serve as a pivotal platform for open dialogue on pressing regional issues. These gatherings are designed to unite the community—ranchers, business owners, and conservationists alike—to discuss, learn, and strategize on topics ranging from water conservation to regulatory impacts and agricultural sustainability. Through educational sessions, expert presentations, and collaborative discussions, Circle the Wagons fosters a shared understanding and proactive approach to addressing challenges that affect Ventura County's environment, economy, and way of life. Engage with us at these events to contribute to a resilient and thriving Ventura County.

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Download the March 24 Circle the Wagons Flyer

Gear up for an insightful gathering at our upcoming Circle the Wagons event. Dive into the details with our official flyer, your essential guide to this pivotal discussion on navigating the complexities of water conservation and regulatory challenges.

Whether you're keen on attending, interested in sponsorship opportunities, or eager to spread the word, our flyer has you covered.

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