Wheel News: Our Local Economy & Business – September 2023

Supervisor Janice Parvin on Our Local Economy & Business

Thank you, CoLAB members, for attending the January CoLAB WHEEL meeting! We like to inform all our members about the local regulatory issues impacting them with a special emphasis on our local economy and business this month. So, here’s a quick recap of some of the issues we discussed last week at the CoLAB WHEEL meeting (with links to more info):

We were honored to have had Ventura County Supervisor Janice Parvin join us as our special guest speaker. Supervisor Parvin shared her vision and efforts to strengthen the local economy and support existing businesses and landowners with regulatory challenges. We look forward to continuing our work with Supervisor Parvin on her goals.

There will be no WHEEL Meeting in October.

Committee Reports

Water: Ventura County Water Updates

Housing: Ventura County Housing Updates

Energy: Ventura County Energy Updates

Environment: Ventura County Environment Updates

Check back in November for more local environmental updates.

Land Use: Ventura County Land Use Updates

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