Subdivision Ordinance Revision

Status: Active – Revision expected to go to Planning Commission in May 2020

Why it matters?

  • Property rights
  • Economic Issues
  • Increased permitting costs and requirements

The State of California regulates land division through the Subdivision Map Act.  Under this Act, local governments are required to implement their own Subdivision Ordinances to regulate subdivision of local land.  The Ventura County Subdivision Ordinance was last updated in 2011 and, since then, there have been many amendments to the Map Act.  County Planning Department Staff are currently revising the local Subdivision Ordinance under the guise of incorporating those changes.

But the County’s revision will add significant costs to some landowners…

CoLAB attended a public workshop hosted by Ventura County Planning on February 4, 2020.  At that workshop, Planning Staff reviewed the proposed changes to the Ordinance.  The most significant proposed change is to remove parcel map waivers for lot line adjustments, large lot subdivisions, lot mergers, and subdivision of lots to create conservation subdivisions.

These proposed changes will add significant costs to landowners who wish to subdivide a large property for inheritance or business purposes, negatively impacting the long-term viability of family farms in Ventura County.  In addition, the additional costs may dissuade landowners who wish to place portions of their property into conservation, which may hamper the goals and policies proposed by the Board of Supervisors to expand and encourage agricultural and open space land conservation and preservation.

The proposed revised Subdivision Ordinance was scheduled to be heard at the Planning Commission on March 26, 2020 but this hearing postponed due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions on public gatherings.  It is tentatively anticipated to be rescheduled in May 2020.


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